Gregory Bazemore


Gregory Bazemore is our Maryland State President Representative for the National Beauty Culturists' League, Inc. Greg, with the support of his committed cabinet are laser focused in representing the courageous history and industry lineage that lies within our state. 

Dr. Felicia "Remy" Demery

Vice President

Dr. Felecia Demery joins our team and serves 1st Vice-President to our State President for all affairs presiding on the state level. She full-fills her duties at the request of the President and assist the team members on different initiatives. 



Do you have what it takes to support our leaders?  Then we need you!  We are looking for a supportive, task-oriented, enthusiastic team member. Bring your skills to the table and help grow our team.  If you are interested or would like further information, please contact us.

Kristal Hall

Recording Secretary

Kristal Hall is a 20+ year veteran in the  hair industry.  She has successful Clinical-Spa that focuses on hair loss and restoration.  Kristal became affiliated with the National Beauty Culturists' League in 2017 and proudly serves her local and state chapters to advance the movement in leadership and integrity.

Danielle Reed

Financial Secretary

Financial Secretary prepares the financial reports for the state and members.

Danielle Reed


The treasure receives payments, handles account payable and receivable. Advice's the President on financial fiscal decisions that benefit the chapter and national organization. 

Arlissa Patterson

Corresponding Secretary

Our correspondence secretary Arlissa Patterson is responsible for handling all of the correspondence on the state level. She supports the President as needed in regards to delivering and disseminating time sensitive and crucial information to our local chapter Presidents, Cabinet and Members-at-large.

Martrese Green

Publicity Editor

Martrese Green is our publicity editor for the state of Maryland. She is in charge of handling all of our public relations affairs, including but not limiting social media accounts, social media engagement, website presence, editorials, and education materials.

Dr. Lois James

Sergeant at Arms

Dr. Louis James is one of our golden treasures that we hold high in the state of Maryland.  She has been involved with the National Beauty Culturists' League for over 40 years. She will ensure the code of conduct in meetings and in the state sessions. She serves at the request of our President to be our Sergeant at Arms.